FPMPAM – Affiliate Association

The FPMPAM is the national body representing doctors in private practice in Malaysia. FPMPAM is committed to improve the quality of private health care through continuing medical education, continuing professional development of its members, ethics advocacy and public outreach programs. Founded in 1989, it consists of seven state-level associations and has over 5000 members.
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National Drug Substitution Therapy Registry

The real-time net-based self-regulating National Drug Substiution Therapy (NDST) registry was the result of the directive of the Director-General of Health in 206 and was developed by FPMPAM and AMAM in conjunction with the relevant sections of the Ministry of Health (MoH) as wel as the Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsan aimed to monitor and regulate al DST programme in the private sector. 


ISAM – International Affiliate Association

The International Society of Addiction Medicine, ISAM, is an international fellowship of physicians  founded in 1998 and committed to the advancement of knowledge about Addiction Medicine through the:

  • Recognition of physicians worldwide who have a major role to play in its management
  • Enhancement of the credibility of the physician’s role
  • Emphasis of the importance of educational activities

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